Steam Dev Days – Day 1

Day 1 of the first Steam Dev Days was an interesting one for many reasons, most of which I wont bore you with as its more interesting for me and my work but my real surprises of the day were:


Steam Controller: This is something I was eager to get my hands on and see what the fuss was about (is there fuss?) however what struck me most during the presentation on the subject was just how much Valve have thought about the design and how they are still adapting it now. They have put shed loads of thought into this design and how it will work for users. For example all bindings people make get shared to other users, which means in theory the best, most used set will get used for people that don’t want to mess around setting them. I am looking forward to giving it a proper play with either tomorrow or when I get home as they were kind enough to give us each one in our goody bag!



Steam Machines: I have really struggled to see who Valve were going after with these machines but after its presentation it became alot clearer.  They just want to give gamers choice, the choice to pick a spec they want/can afford and use it how they want with access to all their library of games in whatever room you want.  It also became clear they are convincing the bigger publishers/developers to support Linux so hopefully all games will work on it.  Some of these boxes are small enough that they will fit most places, I can see a use for one in my home now but not quite sure I would pay out for one.  To our surprise Valve said we were all going to get one to take home today, and they weren’t joking!


So I look forward to giving it a test out with SteamOS.


There were plenty of other interesting talks on Early Access, Steam in general but they will sound pretty boring to anyone who doesn’t actually work with things on Steam.  All in all though the first day was great and Valve have done a great job so far, its great to see normal people who love their job talk about what they are doing and how they got there.  I look forward to tomorrows sessions.