Steam Dev Days – we have come a long way…

So after 2 planes and nearly 5000 miles I am sat in Seattle wondering what Valve have in store for their first developer conference (Steam Dev Days).



I have decided what talks I want to sit in on (which is pretty organised for me), but it was harder than I thought as there is plenty going on.  For me though I am most interested is the Steam Controller and Valves thinking behind the Steam machines as I am not completely sold on them.

I did have an interesting conversation earlier that basically said the Steam controller once you are proficient with it can be as good as a mouse and keyboard and might even be better?  This is something I find hard to believe but am excited to give a go to find out.


It wouldn’t surprise me if Valve had some announcements to make to catch everyone out, nor would it surprise me if they didn’t…  Will Steam go open?, will they make their own Steam boxes? Will Half Life 3 be announced?


Who knows, but I will be tweeting from the event the best I can and will do a write up of each day on here.