Change of pace time

Pretty busy at the moment, I only have a couple of months before I will be moving house so lots of Flat hunting is on the agenda (although we may have found somewhere we like now).  This along with everything else that usually takes up time means a bit less gaming.

However, I have been playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 probably a little too much so I have eased off on this and moved onto playing both Bioshock 2 on the 360 and gone back to Dragon Age Origins on the PC.  I got Dragon Age back in November of last year and started it then but then ended up side tracked with other games but I am glad I have gone back to it as I can see why people rate it so highly.  I can see this taking up alot of time!

I have only played a couple of hours at most of Bioshock 2 and I am a little unsure on this, I loved the first game but this one seems to be a little slow to get going and considering you play a Big Daddy this time you don’t really feel tough enough….

Spacebook is here!

OK it’s not called Spacebook but Eve Gate, but its basically facebook for Eve Online.

CCP have released the Alpha version to the masses so we as players can stress test it and I must say from having a quick look around its pretty neat.

Being able to mail people in-game from outside of it is going to be useful, hopefully a mobile friendly version of this will appear at some point (iPhone app please!).

Anyway if you are a Eve Online subscriber head over to and give it a go, don’t panic if the data looks a bit old as its taken from Sisi the test server.

I had forgotten how fun Battlefield can be

Trying to blog about games you are playing is hard when every moment you get to actually play them is taken up with the same game.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has brought back all the fun of the old Battlefield series for me, it has its issues (but then what game doesn’t these days) but overall its still a great game.

Looking forward to Battlefield 3 when it finally arrives!

Other games I have to try and play this week include, trying to complete Uncharted 2 as I am fairly close to the end now and starting Bioshock 2.  Need to continue with Mass Effect and Assassins Creed II also… WTB some free time!

BF:BC 2 > MW2

The Battlefield series… Now this is a series of games that I have always loved. The sheer amount of hours I have played these games is crazy, and at last there is a new version that is actually available on the PC (platform of choice for me) in the form of Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

I have only managed to play an hour or so of the game so far but its amazing, its a great looking game with a really good engine, being able to blow up most cover really makes games more interesting. Sadly this is also starting to make my PC show it’s age.. At over 3 years old now it’s not surprising, but that’s still pretty good going for a gaming machine I use alot.

My son has played this more than I have at the moment and is getting pretty damn good at the game, I’m so proud but also need to catch up stats wise 🙂


My 12 year old son…

These stats can be found on the characters page.

Now to find some time to actually play!

Too many games, so little time!

I guess it’s my own fault for having so many games on my Lovefilm rental list but with Ghostbusters (360) on its way it now means yet another game to get through.

It is going to be hard to tear myself away from playing Uncharted 2 as that game is truly amazing, but hopefully I can blast through Ghostbusters pretty quickly.

On top of both of these I still need to get myself organised in Eve by getting all my gear into my carrier and jumping it over to where the actual corp is so I can get playing properly again. I also want to play some more Global Agenda as my medic is now very close to hitting level 30 and I want to get my recon up as well.

4-5 months ago I was moaning that I had nothing to play… just goes to show that gamers are never happy unless they are moaning about something 😉