New Year, New Job

Man 2015 was tough. Tough for various personal reasons but mostly from a work perspective, I never expected a new job.

2014 was a tough year for Mastertronic, this much was public knowledge but I never really expected what happened in 2015 to be the end result. After working at Mastertronic for 12 and a half years it all came to an end when the company entered administration.

This was a real blow, myself and the rest of the publishing team had been working hard over the last few years to really try and build up a fair publishing business for indie developers and it felt like it was finally starting to reach a point it was going to pay off, if investment had arrived I think it would of done. Thankfully the developers we were supporting got their games transferred back to them on Steam so hopefully good things will come to them direct over the next few years, they all deserve it.

I am a firm believer in all things happening for a reason, and out of this very sad news came a new job offer in the form of a Producer role at developer Mediatonic. I seem to have a thing for companies that end in ‘onic’.

So in early December 2015 I accepted the offer and began a new journey working at a development studio rather than a publisher.  My immediate responsibilities are in looking after games like Foul Play and Hatoful Boyfriend (plus Holiday Star) but going forward it is going to involve some very exciting new projects that I can say nothing about… for now.

After the lows of 2015 I am very much looking forward to what 2016 and beyond holds.