Why I would of liked a digital only Xbox One

2013 was full of ‘next-gen’ talk, with Sony and Microsoft battling for gamers affections. The biggest talking point during the year was Microsoft’s decision to have an ‘always on’ console, which basically meant that it would act much like gaming PC’s with Steam do now and have done for years.


Gamers were up in arms about this, no one wanted their console to need internet access or not allow them to trade in or share games… when I say no one I actually mean people who shouted the loudest and probably bought a PS4 anyway.


Having owned a Xbox One since launch there is nothing I would of liked more than Microsoft to of stuck to their guns and followed through with this plan, because… well its bloody convenient!

Xbox Ones OS seems to of been designed around getting around things quickly, with voice controls ideally.  This actually works pretty well until having to start a game that needs a disc?  You can no longer say ‘Xbox goto Need for Speed’ unless the disc is already in the drive.  It works just fine for any title bought digitally, you can switch between these games at will.  If Microsoft had kept to their original plan disc games would install to your console and then wouldn’t need the disc any-more, thus meaning you can switch between games without having to go looking for your disc. Happy Days!

The other benefit of this ditched system is that it would mean you could buy a game at retail for a better price than digitally but have the same benefits. Even happier days!


Now I understand there are some down sides to always being online, but if you are in the lucky position where the console is unlikely to ever be without an internet connection it would of been nice to still have the option of what Microsoft originally wanted for the system, if they offered the chance to switch back I would do so without hesitation.

I guess being a PC gamer has somewhat prepared me for this future more so than people who just use consoles, Steam has worked this way for years and is a nice system once you accept the benefits.  We haven’t been able resell or swap games for a long time now but I guess this is offset by lots of cheap sales? Mind you, I have never been big on trading in games.


This all being said I am sure Microsoft can revert back to their plans once the masses catch on, I just wish we had an option from the start.