WiZZy Ponders – FTL: Faster Than Light

The above screenshot is how I end up in most games of Faster Than Light (FTL), but then that’s the general idea.

FTL is space rogue-like game where you start with a ship and small crew and go exploring your way through 8 different sectors of space… but you can’t hang around exploring too much as a nasty fleet of ships is chasing you to your ultimate destination of protecting the home base.

Resources can be gained from exploring, blowing things up, helping people out to name a few. This scrap can be then used to upgrade your ship in various ways or to buy fuel and ammo in the shops you find on your journey.

Most of your journey will be spent fighting for your life against various ships, combat is strategic as you choose what systems you want to fire your weapons at.  Taking down the shield generators so you can then damage other systems more easily is my usual routine, works fairly well until a ship has drones defending its ship so they shoot my missiles out of space before they get anywhere near the ship 🙁

Events throughout your trip are random so new things happen each time you play it, some games are shorter than others… helping out a station being attacked by giant space spiders tends to lose you more crew than you would like… but for some reason I still always choose to help?!

Once you hit sector 8 you have to defend your home station from the big old ship of doom that is on its way to blow it to bits… not even come close to killing this thing… But one day I will!

FTL is out today for a nominal price, people should really pick this up as its a great little game.

Blast from the past – Carrier Command

The best part of the last few months of my working life have been taken up with a game due out at the end of Sept 2012, Carrier Command: Gaea Mission. Created by Bohemia Interactive of ARMA fame, and published by Mastertronic (at least outside the US).

Some people will probably remember the original Carrier Command, but not many under a certain age so not much point talking about it  but this is a new version of the game for PC and Xbox 360.  Basically you have a big old ship you control that is home to four MANTA’s (flying ships of death) and four WALRUS’s (tracked vehicles of death) which you use to conquer islands and expand your resources.  You can either take direct control of these units or control them from an overhead map view and let your AI do all the work.

Its a fun mix of strategy and action and has actually translated to the Xbox 360 really well.  This is a game you can lose ALOT of time to so you will certainly get your monies worth 😉

Anyway can’t say too much until review hit so here is the latest trailer 🙂


Guild Wars 2 is nearly here…


After a fair few beta and stress tests I have finally decided my main character when Guild Wars 2 launches will be a human Elementalist.  My second character will be a Thief.

Some may say its a boring safe mmo class, but what can I say.. I do like the magics! Plus playing ranged in a game where it takes some kind of skill to be a melee class gives me some kind of a chance of surviving when it comes to PvP… maybe!

Head start access starts on the 25th August… now all I need to do is come up with some names for these characters.


When life catches up with you… blogs don’t get done!

It seems like every time I actually get time to write something all I do is write excuses why I haven’t posted anything, well this time is no different!!

The last few months have been consumed by work and mainly one game, Sniper Elite V2 for the PC.  The game launched on the 4th May 2012 but has taken up so much of my work time its unreal, but all worth it.  The game is a little old school in design but is great none the less so please give it a try… on PC 😉

Other than that youngest wizzy of the family is now 6 months old so is keeping our hands full, but I have been playing a combination of the following… Tribes: Ascend, League of Legends, Bastion, Legend of Grimrock and Crysis 2.  Crysis 2 is nearly finished which then means I can move onto playing The Witcher 2 finally!

A little game called Diablo 3 is out next week… I must somehow find both the money and time to play this 🙂

Tribes: Ascend, a game I like… alot.

Bit late to the beta for this due to being too busy with other games, which is still sorta true but luckily shooters like this allow for quick jump in games.

However I am enjoying it alot!  I played a fair amount of the original Tribes back in the day but was never really that good at it… Tribes: Ascend must be a faithful reboot as I also don’t appear to be very good at it!
Lack of skill is the reason I tend to stay on base defence when playing capture the flag, while the action may be a little slower at times nothing gives me more satisfaction that killing someone who has just travelled across the whole map to try and get MY flag.. get off my flag!!!

Tribes is an FPS where jet packs are your transport, and if you can get the technique down right you can really get some speed up and get around very fast.  If you want to get anywhere then you really have to get your Skiing down!

The best part about Tribes: Ascend is it is free to play, not just the beta the actual game will be too!  Which means any shooter fans should give this a try.  You can purchase XP boosts, gold to unlock things faster etc..  but you don’t have to spend a penny if you don’t want to, it will just take longer to unlock upgrades and classes.  Personally I will be picking up the starter pack for £20 I think at some point as the game deserves some cash!

My tip for Tribes: Ascend… Don’t stand still 😉

Oh one other thing, XP progress carries over from beta to release… which is nice.

Things what I have done… recently

As usual I am having trouble finding time to actually write, even though I want to so decided I should just note down some things I have been doing or achieved recently.

Firsts things first, I noticed I have broken the 30k mark in Gamerscore on Xbox… yeah I know it means nothing and its not even a huge amount these days but for me it is quite alot considering the limited gaming time I get these days.

Since before Christmas now most of my gaming time has been taken up by Star Wars: The Old Republic, my bounty hunter has just reached level 30 and is still as nice as she shouldn’t be…  However I plan on making up for this by making my Sith as evil as possible. That should right the world!

I have a stack of good/great games I have to play for something I can’t talk about but it means some good gaming time ahead, Rayman Origins was one of these games and although I had ignored it at release (as most people did it seems looking at sales) this is one good looking game.  The hand drawn nature of the graphics are truly a joy to behold and for a platformer its actually not that bad a game either.

LoveFilm provided me with Need for Speed: The Run…  4 hours or so later of gaming and that got sent back… completed I may add and not a great game, sort of fun but no Hot Pursuit.  They also sent me Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, quite like the series and from what I have seen briefly it should be a fun romp.

On the horizon I have games like Uncharted 3, Batman: Arkham City, Assassins Creed: Revelations, LA Noire to play and also need to continue with Skyrim…. Not quite sure how it is going to be possible… maybe give up sleep?

The Old Republic – Space Combat

Now the space combat in Star Wars: The Old Republic appears to be a sore topic with most players but I actually quite like it.

Yes it is an on rails shooter, but so were games like Rogue Squadron and I liked those.  I come from being a die hard X-Wing/Tie Fighter fan so don’t get me wrong I would love for it to be more like those but as a starting point the current ‘diversion’ is just fine.  I would miss it if it went away.

I just hope Bioware spend some time doing more missions for it, and maybe think about expanding it somehow so groups could do them.  Even on rails, having a group taking down capital ships etc.. would be good fun.  Oh how I miss space combat Star Wars games….

In other news my probably too nice Bounty Hunter (Mercenary) is coming along, nearly level 25 now and just arrived on Tatooine…



Confessions of a Bounty Hunter – I’m doing it wrong

So I got my early access code for Star Wars: The Old Republic last night so I created my character. a human female Bounty Hunter who goes by the name Krysta.

Now when I thought about creating a Bounty Hunter I figured I would be a hard arsed, no nonsense type of girl who did whatever it took to get the job done even if it means killing anyone that gets in my way… However it appears my good nature it actually causing me to rack up light side points as I go through my early career giving people second chances and helping people out… providing I get paid of course 😉

Can a nice person become a great Bounty Hunter or will I get trampled on by others on their way to the top?  Time will tell but it will be one hell of a ride I am sure.

Too busy to blog, Skyrim is out ya know?

Been a while since I last posted (yeah I know as usual), but this time I have a good excuse!

On the 7th November I welcomed my new son into the world, while another son is a great thing it always means less game time so other than a little bit of BF3 here and there I have been out of it all for a while.

Things are a little more settled now, just in time for Skyrim to come out… damn this game is good! Problem is I can see it taking many, many hours to get through and with my current gaming time limited I could still be going at it by this time next year!

Meanwhile I still want to play BF3 and I have Warhammer 40K: Space Marine and Duke Nukem Forever (I know) to play from the kind folks at Lovefilm.  Will be hard to pull myself away from Skyrim to play them though…

I wanted to try and write some Skyrim related experiences as I went through the game… still might try but time may be against me.

Busy, busy, busy time of year

Yep so busy I needed to write the word three times.

This time of year is both amazing yet frustrating, loads of games come out but I never have the time or money to actually play them all.  It is also the busiest time for me at work.

However I have now finished RAGE, and to sum it up I liked it.. a fair amount. Yes it has a few problems and ends pretty badly but it was a fun ride while it lasted.  I do think it would of done well to be a bit ‘bigger’ ins cope ala Borderlands but nevermind.

Lovefilm have sent me Enslaved on the 360 to play… However this Friday sees the release of the mighty Battlefield 3 which I feel may end up taking up all my game time, of which may be even less soon as my new son may decide he wants to actually come into this work and meet his parents… He must get his time keeping from me as he is late!

What’s the betting he decides to turn up Friday? 🙂