Dream is now available on Steam Early Access

It has been a busy few months (when isn’t it I hear you say) and the result of this is one of the games I have been working on being released on Steam today, via the Early Access program.

Dream is a first person exploration game set, well in the main characters (Howard) dreams 🙂

Made my 3 great guys at HyperSloth the game will launch on Early Access today with Act 1 of the game available to play.  More content will get added as it gets completed.

Here is the trailer we created for the launch:

Dream has alot of great things going for it, it looks great and has a great soundtrack.  I am really looking forward to player feedback to help make this a really great game!


The Chaos Engine – The Chaos is Back!

Another game that has been taking up my time at work is a (if you like) remastered version of the Bitmap Brothers game, The Chaos Engine.


This version will be coming to Steam later this year, including on-line co-op for two players amongst all the usual Steam features you would expect.

The game will be playable at this years Rezzed show, which is going on this weekend.

Come play if you are there.


Montague’s Mount – Arrives on Steam Greenlight

One of the games I have been working hard on for months now has finally appeared live on Steam Greenlight for people to hopefully vote ‘yes’ for.

Montague’s Mount is a first-person psychological rollercoaster ride through isolation, desolation and one man’s tortured mind, set against the bleakness of an isolated Irish island. Created by one man development team Matt Clifton aka PolyPusher Studios.

You can see the trailer here:

You can vote here (please?):




WiZZy Ponders – The completion of Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider was a series that needed a reboot, there has been so many games in the series now that it was long overdue, and from the looks of this game it is a great future.


I am quite happy to admit that I have never been a huge fan of the Tomb Raider series, the pin point level traversing and puzzles never really did it for me.  This meant once the reboot came around I assumed it was a game in the similar vein so didn’t really pay much attention to it until the reviews started to come out… Then is appeared it was a game that should be played, so I did.

Boy I was glad I did, this turned out to be one of the best games I have played in the last year.


Yes, its pretty linear. Yes, there is a lot of quick time events. Yes, it feels a lot like Uncharted meets Lost. Yes, Lara turns into a raging killing machine a little too quick.  However despite these things the game is still great, and also stunning! The PC version running at maximum settings is gorgeous and runs really well so is another great PC port by Square Enix, well nixxes anyway 🙂


If you have played an Uncharted game you will feel right at home with Tomb Raider, the movement and combat feel familiar with the exception that the combat never seems like a chore like it did in Uncharted 3! Mix that in with collecting salvage to upgrade your weapons and tools and raiding the odd tomb and you have a great mix of gameplay.  Although I would of liked alot more optional tombs to raid, it feels like these were an afterthought and there should of been plenty more and larger ones at that.

Tomb Raider is a origins story that delivers… That’s the best way I can sum it up anyway. Go buy and enjoy!


Completion Time: 15 hours, 100% completion.
Purchase or Rental?: Could get away with renting it but wouldn’t hesitate to buy it.


WiZZy Ponders – The completion of The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead game is a game about choices, not just now and again… Like all the time.  This is however a good thing and one of the games strongest points.  It also makes it hard to talk about in a couple of ways, a) its a story driven game so its easy to spoil and b) the choices you make change how the story unfolds so different people will have different stores to tell.

Your decisions can sometimes decide who in your group lives or dies.
Your decisions can sometimes decide who in your group lives or dies.

I do wonder how many of the choices really effect the outcomes of the stories you play through, but I don’t really want to read about them or look them up on YouTube as I have ‘My Story’ now anything else is just wrong :p

At the end of each episode you get a summary of the main choices what percentage of players made what choice, this gives you some idea of how other people are playing it but ultimately I don’t think it makes a difference as it seems like your story when you are playing. I can’t remember the last game that actually made me care about the characters like this game does, for that Telltale Games have done an amazing job.

This tends to happen a lot in a world full of zombies.
This tends to happen a lot in a world full of zombies.

Not really going to waffle on about it, as I can’t say much for the above reasons but I will say anyone who looks at screen shots and thinks its not for them please think again and give the first episode a try as you will enjoy it no end!

Completion Time: about 10 hours.
Purchase or Rental?: Buy it, I would be surprised if you regretted it.


WiZZy Ponders – The completion of Far Cry 3

So I have finally finished Far Cry 3 and I figured it was probably time I wrote something on here as its a game that warrants being spoken about, as I am sure everyone is aware.

I think it would be safe to say I would of probably past this game by if it wasn’t for all the great reviews that suddenly appeared before launch, after Far Cry 2 I really wasn’t expecting the 3rd title in the series to be any good at all.  Glad to say I was wrong 🙂

From the moment you are dumped on your own to do your own thing Far Cry 3 grabs you, grabs you with its lush island freedom!  You can do various things like hunt animals for inventory upgrades, capture outposts to reduce enemy resistance and provide fast travel points around the island, supply drops, people hunting, racing or just have a wander around to explore.  Of course you have the story quest to also get one with but at no point are you forced to do this, just rock up to your next story mission marker in the world when you actually want to move it forwards.

Unlike a lot of open world games the story is interesting to play through, some of the best things you can do is during these missions. Highlights include burning down fields of weed with a flame-thrower (to what seems to be some kind of dubstep track, complete with hazy field of view if you get close to the burning weed) and all missions that have interaction with Buck.  Don’t really want to give story stuff away, its not the best story in the world but it allows you to have a lot of fun along the way!

Now in my above tweet I mentioned it was a bit of a slog, and on reflection I think this is probably down to how I was playing it towards the end. I had left the story for a long time and had gone off capturing all outposts and hunting all the animals for the upgrades for so long that each of them started to become a little repetitive.  If I had mixed them a bit better with the story I think this wouldn’t of been a problem.

All in all Far Cry 3 is an excellent game, probably my favourite game of last year, its not perfect but it does make me very excited about what kind of DLC will be added and also how good the 4th title in the series could be…

If you haven’t already, go out, buy and enjoy!



WiZZy Ponders – FTL: Faster Than Light

The above screenshot is how I end up in most games of Faster Than Light (FTL), but then that’s the general idea.

FTL is space rogue-like game where you start with a ship and small crew and go exploring your way through 8 different sectors of space… but you can’t hang around exploring too much as a nasty fleet of ships is chasing you to your ultimate destination of protecting the home base.

Resources can be gained from exploring, blowing things up, helping people out to name a few. This scrap can be then used to upgrade your ship in various ways or to buy fuel and ammo in the shops you find on your journey.

Most of your journey will be spent fighting for your life against various ships, combat is strategic as you choose what systems you want to fire your weapons at.  Taking down the shield generators so you can then damage other systems more easily is my usual routine, works fairly well until a ship has drones defending its ship so they shoot my missiles out of space before they get anywhere near the ship 🙁

Events throughout your trip are random so new things happen each time you play it, some games are shorter than others… helping out a station being attacked by giant space spiders tends to lose you more crew than you would like… but for some reason I still always choose to help?!

Once you hit sector 8 you have to defend your home station from the big old ship of doom that is on its way to blow it to bits… not even come close to killing this thing… But one day I will!

FTL is out today for a nominal price, people should really pick this up as its a great little game.

Blast from the past – Carrier Command

The best part of the last few months of my working life have been taken up with a game due out at the end of Sept 2012, Carrier Command: Gaea Mission. Created by Bohemia Interactive of ARMA fame, and published by Mastertronic (at least outside the US).

Some people will probably remember the original Carrier Command, but not many under a certain age so not much point talking about it  but this is a new version of the game for PC and Xbox 360.  Basically you have a big old ship you control that is home to four MANTA’s (flying ships of death) and four WALRUS’s (tracked vehicles of death) which you use to conquer islands and expand your resources.  You can either take direct control of these units or control them from an overhead map view and let your AI do all the work.

Its a fun mix of strategy and action and has actually translated to the Xbox 360 really well.  This is a game you can lose ALOT of time to so you will certainly get your monies worth 😉

Anyway can’t say too much until review hit so here is the latest trailer 🙂


Guild Wars 2 is nearly here…


After a fair few beta and stress tests I have finally decided my main character when Guild Wars 2 launches will be a human Elementalist.  My second character will be a Thief.

Some may say its a boring safe mmo class, but what can I say.. I do like the magics! Plus playing ranged in a game where it takes some kind of skill to be a melee class gives me some kind of a chance of surviving when it comes to PvP… maybe!

Head start access starts on the 25th August… now all I need to do is come up with some names for these characters.


When life catches up with you… blogs don’t get done!

It seems like every time I actually get time to write something all I do is write excuses why I haven’t posted anything, well this time is no different!!

The last few months have been consumed by work and mainly one game, Sniper Elite V2 for the PC.  The game launched on the 4th May 2012 but has taken up so much of my work time its unreal, but all worth it.  The game is a little old school in design but is great none the less so please give it a try… on PC 😉

Other than that youngest wizzy of the family is now 6 months old so is keeping our hands full, but I have been playing a combination of the following… Tribes: Ascend, League of Legends, Bastion, Legend of Grimrock and Crysis 2.  Crysis 2 is nearly finished which then means I can move onto playing The Witcher 2 finally!

A little game called Diablo 3 is out next week… I must somehow find both the money and time to play this 🙂