Completed: The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

Completion time: 11 hours (all minor missions done)

Platform: PC

There has been alot of talk about The Bureau, most of it not being that great so I was interested to see if it really was as bad as people were saying…

Nope, its not that bad. It’s not a great game but its competent enough… just about.



For a 3rd Person Shooter it does the basics right, shooting feels fine and cover works pretty well for the most part. However for a team based shooter its AI lets it down, your two team mates seem to jump in and out of cover like they sat on an ants nest often getting themselves downed by enemy fire. They also sometimes just run off to the other side of the level right into a nest of enemies just to die again. On the plus side slow-mo battle focus allows you to direct them and order them to use their special abilities and they tend to do this as ordered.

(Me running through one of the story missions about 2/3’s of the way through the game.)


The Bureau is a pretty nice looking game on PC, well the actual in engine stuff is. The cutscene movies are a shocking resolution which can only mean they are direct from the console versions 🙁

A lot of love has clearly gone into the 60’s setting of the game, this mixed with the sci-fi elements makes it a really nice world to shoot stuff in.


Is it XCOM?

This is a good question, and at first I thought it was a pretty tenuous link to the series but on reflection the answer is Yes.

Squad members can die for good, you can hire new members and train them by sending them off to do missions alone. Enemies, weapons and tech is all from the XCOM world… although would of been nice to see some more variation for enemies. You have a base… although its actually quite an annoying place to be!

If you play it as an XCOM origins story then you can see it fitting into the universe but I still much prefer the strategy games.


Final Thoughts

If you love the XCOM universe you can probably forgive the games faults, but even then I wouldn’t suggest picking it up until it was at least half price in a sale.


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