WiZZy Ponders – The completion of Far Cry 3

So I have finally finished Far Cry 3 and I figured it was probably time I wrote something on here as its a game that warrants being spoken about, as I am sure everyone is aware.

I think it would be safe to say I would of probably past this game by if it wasn’t for all the great reviews that suddenly appeared before launch, after Far Cry 2 I really wasn’t expecting the 3rd title in the series to be any good at all.  Glad to say I was wrong 🙂

From the moment you are dumped on your own to do your own thing Far Cry 3 grabs you, grabs you with its lush island freedom!  You can do various things like hunt animals for inventory upgrades, capture outposts to reduce enemy resistance and provide fast travel points around the island, supply drops, people hunting, racing or just have a wander around to explore.  Of course you have the story quest to also get one with but at no point are you forced to do this, just rock up to your next story mission marker in the world when you actually want to move it forwards.

Unlike a lot of open world games the story is interesting to play through, some of the best things you can do is during these missions. Highlights include burning down fields of weed with a flame-thrower (to what seems to be some kind of dubstep track, complete with hazy field of view if you get close to the burning weed) and all missions that have interaction with Buck.  Don’t really want to give story stuff away, its not the best story in the world but it allows you to have a lot of fun along the way!

Now in my above tweet I mentioned it was a bit of a slog, and on reflection I think this is probably down to how I was playing it towards the end. I had left the story for a long time and had gone off capturing all outposts and hunting all the animals for the upgrades for so long that each of them started to become a little repetitive.  If I had mixed them a bit better with the story I think this wouldn’t of been a problem.

All in all Far Cry 3 is an excellent game, probably my favourite game of last year, its not perfect but it does make me very excited about what kind of DLC will be added and also how good the 4th title in the series could be…

If you haven’t already, go out, buy and enjoy!



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