Defense Grid – The Awakening

Defense Grid, or what I like to call the bargain of the year so far… is a Tower Defence game on the PC (also on XBLA).  One which I have ignored for a while now, which is odd as I am a sucker for Tower Defence games but I guess those needs have been taken care of via my iPhone and vast amounts of them available on the AppStore.

The other day I noticed Defense Grid was on sale on Steam, so figured why not and picked it up with all its DLC for around £2 something.  Best £2 something I think I have ever spent on a game.

While it maybe doesn’t break the mould when it comes to tower defence gameplay, it does all the usual parts very well.  I like that flying units have their own paths, I like that you have to defend cores being stolen (as you have a chance to kill the enemies on the way back) and I like the setting (robotic, alien, futuristic) as well as it being a challenge.


If you like tower defence games then this should be a must buy, it is still 50% off while the the Steam Summer Sale is on so grab it now!


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